How Quite a bit Does It Value to Paint a House?

A up to date coat of paint can enhance your curb attraction, make your property look newer, and doubtlessly lead to bigger affords everytime you promote. Nonetheless you’ll must estimate the payment and guarantee it fits into your funds. Plenty of parts, like sq. footage and the worth of offers and labor, will affect the last word full.

Proper right here’s how rather a lot you presumably can anticipate a freshly painted residence to worth:

  • How rather a lot does it worth to paint a house?
  • Strategies to calculate the payment to paint a house
  • Value to paint residence exteriors
  • Elements that affect the payment to paint a house

How rather a lot does it worth to paint a house?

Homeowners spend $1,901 on widespread painting a home’s inside and $3,045 on the skin, based mostly on HomeAdvisor. Nonetheless various parts — along with the usual of the paint, whether or not or not you hire professionals, and the home’s sq. footage — affect that estimate.

Proper right here’s a breakdown of what the painting costs might seem to be for a 2,300-square-foot home, the median measurement of a model new residence provided in 2020:

Frequent worth to paint$1,901$3,045
Frequent fluctuate for a 2,300-square-foot home$1,900 to $7,800$1,100 to $7,700
Frequent worth per sq. foot$2 to $6$0.50 to $3.5
Sources: HomeAdvisor’s Paint a Dwelling Inside info and Paint a Dwelling Exterior info

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Strategies to calculate the payment to paint a house

It’s possible you’ll on a regular basis get a quote from an professional, otherwise you presumably can take the following steps to find out how rather a lot it costs to paint a house your self:

  • Uncover the finished area. For inside jobs, measure the height of each room you want to paint and multiply by the width. Do the an identical for exterior partitions do you have to’re painting the floor, as they measure in any other case. It’s possible you’ll be succesful to find the skin perimeter in your mortgage closing papers.
  • Uncover the paintable area. Measure your entire sq. footage of the house home windows and doorways, and subtract that area from your entire accomplished area. A traditional door measures 21 sq. ft, whereas a traditional window measures 12 sq. ft.
  • Uncover the safety area of the paint. A gallon of paint covers about 400 sq. ft on widespread, though you may want further for robust exterior siding. Exteriors typically need two coats of paint, and interiors might need two or three coats do you have to’re making a dramatic color change.
  • Choose your paint. The value of a gallon of paint depends on the mannequin, color, sheen, regional pricing, and whether or not or not you’re using inside or exterior paint.
  • Do the maths. Divide the paintable area by the safety of a gallon of paint to be taught the way in which many gallons of paint you need. Then, multiply the number of gallons by the price of the gallon to complete your estimate.
  • Use this method. To hunt out the number of gallons you need, use this method: sq. ft of paintable area / sq. ft of paint safety area = gallons of paint x 2 = full gallons of paint needed (rounded as a lot because the closest gallon)

Occasion calculation

Let’s say you’re painting three rooms — two bedrooms and a entrance room:

  1. The precept mattress room is 200 sq. ft
  2. The second mattress room is 150 sq. ft
  3. The lounge is 300 sq. ft

This comes out to an entire accomplished area of 650 sq. ft. There are moreover three doorways and 5 residence home windows inside these three rooms, for an entire area of 123 sq. ft, supplying you with a paintable area of 527 sq. ft. You resolve to utilize paint that costs $50 per gallon.Proper right here’s how the calculations would break down:

  • The paintable area: 650 sq. ft – 123 sq. ft = 527 sq. ft
  • The number of gallons you need: 527 sq. ft / 400 sq. ft (the standard area a gallon of paint covers) = 1.31 gallons of paint x 2 = 2.62 full gallons of paint needed
  • The value of the paint: 3 gallons x $50 = $150

If you’re going the DIY route, then you definately definately’ll moreover must calculate the worth of basic offers. For an inside paint job, this will likely embrace paint rollers, paint trays, painter’s tape, a paint bucket, sandpaper, caulk, drop cloths, and a ladder.

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Value to paint residence exteriors

The material of your property’s exterior will affect the kind and amount of paint you make the most of. You’ll moreover wish to regulate the estimate in case your exterior is fabricated from a few supplies, paying homage to vinyl and brick.

On a home that measures 1,500 to 2,000 sq. ft, proper right here’s how rather a lot it could price to paint the skin, based on what it’s fabricated from:

SuppliesFrequent Value To Paint The Exterior
Brick$3,500 to $10,500
Vinyl$600 to $3,500
Stucco$1,400 to $6,500
Concrete$500 to $2,000
Metallic/aluminum$400 to $3,500
Picket$700 to $3,000
Trim$1 to $3 per linear foot
Provide: HomeAdvisor’s Paint a Dwelling Exterior info

Elements that affect the payment to paint a house

Every paint job is totally totally different, counting on parts like labor costs, provides and offers, sq. footage, and the state of affairs and website of your property.


In case you’re painting a house, labor might symbolize as rather a lot as 75% to 85% of your full bill, and loads of price by area as an alternative of hourly. Professionals that do price hourly price about $25 to $75 per hour to paint the skin and $20 to $50 per hour for the within.

Painters spend quite a few time preparing the ground, so this can be an area the place you presumably can negotiate with the painter to economize. First ponder whether or not or not you might need the time and energy to clean, sand, patch, and caulk the partitions.

You moreover might have to adapt to the painter’s phrases. For example, some professionals obtained’t guarantee the finished product within the occasion that they’re not doing the prep work. In case you’re gathering quotes, make certain the last word estimate shows the affiliation you’ve negotiated.Tip: Counting on the price of labor and your experience stage, you might even resolve to skip hiring professionals altogether. Homeowners generally need about two to three weeks to paint a complete home, plus the worth of provides and offers.


Paint is the next-biggest worth, at anyplace from $20 to $80 or further per gallon. Professionals normally get a contractor low price that they may cross on to you. The value of the paint depends on the mannequin, color, sheen, and regional pricing.Good to know: Inside and exterior paints aren’t interchangeable, so be certain you don’t mix the two. Exterior paint is made to take care of mildew and fading, whereas inside paint is stain-resistant and permits for cleaning.

When you might want to reduce corners proper right here, it’s an excellent suggestion to utilize the highest-quality paint that your funds permits. Using good paint might forestall money by offering long-term sturdiness and better safety, which interprets to fewer coats and fewer work hours.

With the skin, you’ll moreover wish to take into consideration the texture of the siding. Some robust textures, like stucco and wood, require further paint because of there’s further flooring to cowl compared with clear siding. So stucco and brick might price $1 to $2 further per sq. foot compared with wood and vinyl.


Professionals will normally embrace offers of their quote, nevertheless you’ll must funds for them do you have to plan to DIY. Final costs will depend upon the mannequin, prime quality, quantity, and whether or not or not you lease or buy the merchandise.

OffersFrequent Value
Brushes$5 to $90
Caulk$2 to $8 per tube
Drop cloths$10 to $30 each
Ladder$100 to $300
Paint pans and buckets$2 to $10
Painter’s tape$2 to $5 per roll
Vitality washerVaries
Rollers and roller handles$15 to $30
Sandpaper$3 to $15
Scraper$5 to $30
Sprayer and vitality rollers$100 to $2,000
Provide: HomeAdvisor’s Paint a Dwelling Exterior info

Location and native climate

In case you’re painting the skin, the local weather and native climate affect the provides it’s best to make the most of, how normally you’ll wish to colour, and whenever you presumably can paint.

Homes in areas which have harsh winters will need paint that’s made to withstand the climate. On the flip side, properties in year-round sunny climates might need paint further regularly because of direct daylight causes paint to fade quicker.

Furthermore, extreme humidity and really extreme or low temperatures can affect how the paint dries and may lead to cracking and peeling.

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Prep work

You or an professional may wish to assess your property’s state of affairs sooner than preparing an estimate:

  • For the skin: Likelihood is you will have to revive the siding provides, fill cracks and holes, and vitality wash the perimeters. You might also must trim the landscaping and take away vines to rearrange the world.
  • For the within: Partitions should be cleaned, patched, and sanded. An professional can guarantee that’s carried out quickly and precisely, nevertheless it could actually prevent costs by doing a couple of of it your self.

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