Insurance and its Types

Intro: In general, insurance is a contract in which the insurer agrees to compensate or indemnify another party (the insured, the policyholder, or a beneficiary) for specified loss or damage to a specified thing For example, a property insurance company may agree to bear the risk that a specific piece of property (e.g., a car … Read more

TOP-10 Largest Insurance Companies In Canada

The Top-Ranked 10 Largest Insurance Companies In Canada 1. Manulife Total Manulife assets: Gross written premiums of $917.6 billion: Through its offices in Canada, Asia, and Europe, and primarily as John Hancock in the United States, $44.3 billion Manulife Financial Corporation provides financial advice, insurance, and wealth and asset management solutions for individuals, groups, and … Read more

Australia Top 10 Auto insurance Companies

1. Older Australians Evaluation: 4.7 reviews out of 2,357. According to the website, Australian Seniors is Australia’s leading motor insurance provider, rated 4.6 for transparency, 4.7 for value for money and 4.7 for customer service. Notably, of her 92 people who reported that the site made a claim, 88 approved the claim. Australian car … Read more

Health Insurance Companies in USA

These are the top 10 auto insurance companies in USA There are numerous private health insurance professionals in the United States. However, as the Insurance Information Institute explains, life/annuity and property/casualty insurance companies also undertake this coverage, which is often referred to as property and casualty insurance and health insurance. In 2020, the property and … Read more

Travel insurance Australia

Which type of travel insurance is best for you? No one ever anticipates that their dream vacation will go awry, but in the event that it does, travel insurance can significantly reduce stress and cost. Additionally, it can assist in ensuring that life-saving medical treatment is accessible and providing you with the necessary emergency funds … Read more